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Dallas Patriots Dress Code

2016 Fall Uniform Dress Code Standards

As an organization we believe in a systematic approach and uniformity.  We believe that the Dallas Patriots brand is vital to the success of our organization and a strong brand benefits all of our teams and members of the organization.  How we represent our organization on the field and in the stands impacts the Dallas Patriots brand.  Part of representing our brand is how our players dress for practices and games.  As an organization we want to ensure that our dress code standards are consistent among all of our players, teams, and at all age levels.  Thank you in advance for supporting and complying with our Dress Code Standards.  Our Dress Code Standards for the Fall of 2016 are listed below.


Practice Uniform Dress Code:

            DP Game Hat

DP White Practice Jersey

Rawlings DP White Pants

Navy Belt

Navy Socks – if player wears long pants (not allowed with short pants)

Navy Stirrups – if player wears short pants

  Optional Cold Weather Practice Gear

DP Hoodie

DP Rawlings Fleece

DP Navy Short or Long Sleeve Under Shirt

Players are not permitted to wear any other gear for practices.  If a player wears other gear or the wrong DP gear they will be asked to remove the gear before continuing to practice.

Game Uniform Dress Code:

            DP Game hat

DP Undershirt – Long or Short Sleeve (color will be opposite of game jersey)

*Players will not wear their Game Jerseys during warmups, only Undershirts*

DP Game Jersey (coach will inform players which color to wear)

Rawlings DP White Pants

Navy Belt

Navy Socks – for players who wear pants down (not allowed with pants up)

Navy Stirrups (no stripes) – for players who wear pants ups

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